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Architectural Design

The focus is to deliver design of the buildings addressing the user's specific requirements, general project requirements, limitations, statutory by-laws, physical context, impact on neighborhood & environment, engineering services comprehensively. Innovation & creative thinking precedes every decision that helps you achieve built spaces that feel magical but are cent percent logical. We operate on a wide range of project typologies. Works involving green concepts & sustainability are most welcome. We bear the responsibility for the design to work comprehensively.

Some architects reduce design to an exercise in combining shapes, forms, and materials, with little regard for the people who inhabit the buildings. The problem with that approach is when a client inherits a new building, it does not properly support activities housed within that space. Even worse are buildings that are the sum of obsolete formulaic equations: head counts multiplied by square feet and wrapped in boxes.

When KKR's designers truly address a client's core problems, we create dramatic spaces that work well while appealing to the people who use them. Our architecture flows directly from ideas derived from our client's needs, not from a designer's preconceived notion about how a building should look. Instead of looking for opportunities to express ourselves artistically, we measure a project's success by asking, "Does it really satisfy both function and aesthetics"?